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Rick Steves Blog

Rick Steves

Rick Steves is a guidebook author, television and radio host, and business owner who is a respected authority on European travel. His travel blog presents his travel experiences, opinions, and political observations as well as the insights he’s gained from traveling abroad. You’ll also find plenty of videos sprinkled throughout the blog.

The Blonde Abroad Blog

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten’s site focuses on the intersection of fashion and travel. She gives tips and advice for women on what wear, pack, and see while overseas and focuses more on higher-end, comfort travel than I do. I think her blog is one of the best for female travelers and, though it’s not targeted to me, I find useful information that I share with others. Kiersten and I are friends, and I love seeing her site grow and expand, especially over the last year. She seems to be everywhere!

Adventureous Kate Blog

Adventurous Kate

Kate has been travelling full time since 2010 and has made it her mission to show women how they can travel the world on their own – easily, safely, and adventurously. Her enthusiastic posts are guaranteed to leave you inspired.